Expert Advice

“The team at Copilevitz & Canter — now Copilevitz, Lam & Raney — has been working with us at InfoCision for nearly 20 years. They have provided us with expert advice covering a myriad of federal and state regulatory issues. Due in large part to our partnership with Errol Copilevitz and his staff, InfoCision has never been the subject of any major regulatory action.”
Steve Brubaker
Sr. VP - Corporate Affairs, InfoCision Management Corporation

Outstanding Service

“Copilevitz & Canter — now Copilevitz, Lam & Raney — has provided us with outstanding service and legal counsel for over 15 years. Their expertise in fundraising and telemarketing law has been a tremendous help to us throughout the years.

They are always up-to-date on state and federal laws pertaining to all aspects of telemarketing and even provide a registration service for both commercial and fundraising registrations. We really appreciate the responsiveness of the attorneys and staff for providing us with valuable counsel and useful resources for our diverse telemarketing campaigns and clients.”
Noreen Kaminski
Vice President, Government Affairs, DialAmerica

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