Virginia Changes Caller ID Law to Regulate Use of Local Area Codes in Caller ID

Effective July 1, 2019, Virginia will ban caller ID spoofing, defined to include transmitting caller identification information that represents the call originates from a local number if the business does not conduct business from a location in Virginia (HB 2600).

Virginia joins South Carolina as the only two states which specifically ban use of local area codes in caller identification unless the caller has a physical location in the state.

Although some regulators in the past have argued that use of a local area code is deceptive, it is not a violation of the federal caller ID statute to use a local caller ID so long as it is answered during normal business hours and allows an individual to make a “do-not-call” request.

Note that federal law requires transmission of telephone number and name, but a business can substitute the information of its client if it is calling on behalf of others.  Deceptive or false caller ID transmission is illegal.

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