MAY 2018

New Hampshire

Charitable gaming statutes have now gone into effect. The statutes require 35% of the house proceeds to be distributed to registered charities. So far, the state has licensed 11 charitable gaming locations.


New York

According to The Associated Press, the organization, Wounded Warriors Foundation, has agreed to pay restitution and civil penalties in the amount of $250 after the New York Attorney General found that it sold $4,200 in raffle tickets without ever holding a raffle or providing any of the monies raised to veterans. The organization must now dissolve or register as a charity.



Likely in response to ongoing litigation, the state has amended its registration requirement for fundraisers and fundraising consultants. However, the amendments are somewhat confusing. Ideally, what they intend to say is that fundraising consultants and fundraisers without a physical presence in the state are not required to register. However, the statute uses the term “general jurisdiction” in such a manner as to confuse the issue.