Working with Professional Fundraisers

Professional fundraisers don’t sell products, they promote worthy causes on behalf of nonprofits like yours.

They specialize in charitable solicitation: from designing your strategy to managing costs, monitoring progress and making adjustments to ensure that a fundraising campaign achieves its goals.

Making Fundraising More Successful

We don’t fundraise, but we can make fundraising more successful by providing counsel on regulatory compliance and contract development, review and filing. At Copilevitz, Lam & Raney, we specialize in fundraising scripts, fundraising disclosure and coordination of in-house and outsourced campaigns to ensure compliance with all state reporting requirements. We can also assist you with annual financial reports for fundraising registration as well as general counsel on legal matters affecting nonprofit and charitable organizations.

Professional Fundraiser Defined

A professional fundraiser is any individual or firm who is retained – for compensation or other consideration – to solicit contributions on behalf of a nonprofit or charity. The fundraiser may also be retained to plan, manage, advise or consult on the process of soliciting contributions for a nonprofit or charity.

The terms of hiring, fees, revenue sharing, and requirements for fundraising/solicitation will vary from state to state. In the majority of states, professional fundraisers must be registered with a state attorney general’s office prior to beginning a fundraising campaign.