Telemarketing Compliance

Telemarketing Compliance

Compliance means working at two levels: state and federal. Even if you are working in only one state, you need to be mindful of both state and federal regulations governing telemarketing.


First, you register. You cannot pick up the phone without the proper registration in place.

Some states require commercial telemarketers to register by paying a fee and sometimes posting a bond prior to calling into their state with commercial telephone solicitations. These registration statutes often have many types of exemptions.

We are the largest provider of registration services in the country. With our service, you will make the deadlines for filing, pay the correct fees and have follow up and support for special circumstances and questions, including exemptions. If you do not know the right questions to ask, the omission could be costly.

Staying Current with the Law

Once you are registered, you must stay current. Falling behind in filings or fees could cost you in a complaint – or worse, a lawsuit or suspension of rights to operate.

As telemarketing lawyers, we assist our clients in meeting ongoing regulatory compliance requirements curfews, DNC lists, scripting, registration and specific disclosure or contract requirements.

Our services are available on a per-state basis or as a monthly retainer for nationwide clients. You hear from us when you need to, because we track the changes in legislation with your business in mind.

Using specially-designed software, we can assist you with all necessary registration paperwork and related filings, including disclosures and contracts. We regularly maintain information on Federal Trade Commission and Federal Communication Commission telemarketing rules.

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