Political Calling

Political Calling

Political calling as a strategy to reach voters or donors is rapidly expanding; consequently the laws governing those activities has also expanded and grown more complicated. The last several years leading up to the 2008 presidential campaign have seen an unprecedented number of telephone calls placed for individual candidates and issues.

Legislation is introduced and debated – at the county, state and federal levels – with increasing frequency to address vastly different types of calls: get out the vote (GOTV) calls, campaign fundraising calls, event or volunteer notification calls as well as email communication (CAN-SPAM).

The question of when and how federal rules supercede a state’s laws is not easily answered. Knowing the regulations governing prerecorded calling is at the heart of a successful campaign.

A campaign is not limited to simple announcement in favor of a candidate; it can encompass advocacy, polling, request for donation, and ‘get out the vote’ efforts. We can advise your organization on the calling that your campaign plans to do.

As the technology evolves, so does our role in helping our clients. Firms that do not comply with the laws –  no matter how labyrithine they are – are at risk for fines, the loss of licensing to practice or at worst, prosecution.

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